Clinical Operations

KlinEra has the experience and global resources to help plan and manage your most important clinical trials. Since 2005, KlinEra has partnered with some of the largest pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies, providing innovative and customized clinical trial and research services.

To date, we’ve completed over 50 large-scale Phase 1, 2 and 3 trials successfully by implementing complete clinical trial management, medical monitoring, data management and site management services all utilizing high quality protocols and Good Clinical Practices (GCP) with a focus on clinical trials in India. From start to finish, we’ll ensure that all aspects of your trial are professionally handled with quality and integrity of data always at the forefront while establishing the shortest route to market for your product.

KlinEra provides expert services in all key areas of the Clinical operations process including:

  • Selection of sites and Feasibility Assessment
  • Translation services for clinical trial
  • Clinical trial monitoring
    Supervision and Quality control of equipment and processes
  • Tracking Protocol deviations

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KlinEra provides innovative, customized clinical trial and research services.

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