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KlinEra stands for “Clinical Era” and the “Sinus Rhythm” above our name expresses our passion for monitoring the pulse of the latest developments in clinical research practices and bringing innovative and cutting edge therapeutic solutions to the world.


Established in 2005, KlinEra provides innovative, customized clinical trial and research services.


To conduct ethical and efficient clinical trials that will accelerate delivery of novel therapeutic treatments to patients with quicker time-to-market for our clients.


At KlinEra we share the Vision of:

  • being a preferred full service clinical development partner.
  • collaboration with partners to cater patients’ needs to improve their Health & Quality of life.
  • deliver world class services to achieve common goals



At KlinEra, we believe in doing the right thing at all times. Ethical clinical trial conduct holds the highest regard for us, where decisions are based on moral principles, resulting in reliable results for our customers.

Client Focus

Client focus is at the core of whatever task we perform. Our motto is to provide delightful services to the customer with unmatched dedication, timely delivery and excellent quality.


At KlinEra, we encourage a collaborative environment, which fosters great knowledge sharing, innovation and team bonding within the group. Be it our vendors or employees, we strongly believe in teamwork for a successful outcome.


It is our constant endeavour to deliver quality services to our customers. We take pride in providing reliable, accurate and error free data through our robust quality management.

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KlinEra provides innovative, customized clinical trial and research services.

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